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Some information about the property

The basics

finland, arctic circle
Price range
From £500 to £2000 per night

The background

 a rare combination of exotic arctic beauty and extraordinary modern comfort in a serviced 4 bedroom hideaway. 

arctic luxury mixed with the rugged side of nature’s elements right up to your door - the pastel greys and fiery northern lights of winter. long evenings of sparkling snow-covered fells in spring. the omnipresent midnight sun and sleepless nights of summer orr blazing reds and yellows when kissed by the first autumn frost.


when the bitter frost bites, you can sit next to the fireplace or enjoy the warmth of your own personal sauna and spa.

constructed from nature's finest materials - stone, wood and glass – with extraordinary modern architectural design and finished with touches of luxurious extras finish off the exquisite décor.

Living area 256 m2, total area for use 458.5 m2

1st floor, heated space 100 m2
entrance way, fireplace room, toilet, utility room/drying room, technical space, sauna, bath, dressing room, toilet

1st floor, cold space 122 m2
outside terrace, car park, covered waste bin, outdoor sports equipment storage

2nd floor, heated space 155.5 m2
living room, dining room, kitchen, front entrance area, 4 bedrooms - all with own bathroom, loft/bedroom, toilet/shower.

2nd floor, cold space 80.5 m2
lapp-style kota tent, balcony, outside terrace

Things to do


professional staff are ready to fulfil your special individual requests before your arrival – during your stay – and they know your wishes when you return again.

When you arrive, you don’t need to bring anything with you. All your desires for transportation or sporting equipment are waiting for you. Even the closets are filled with everything that was agreed on in advance. We are available round the clock to serve you with whatever you need.

Examples of services available:

Catering • Shopping and other services • Conference services • In-house wellness services • car, skidoo, and all-terrain vehicle rentals • Transportation • Helicopter transportation • Leisure-time equipment • Ski lift tickets • Cleaning • Other special services

Active Day

How does it sound to be picked up with your group by dog sleds and taken for a ride up a fell? Or to whisk away by helicopter for fishing on the Arctic Sea or even to Russia? The following day can be topped off with a sled or reindeer safari to far-off Kilpijärvi or to the Land of Santa Claus. This all is possible because we work closely with Lapp tourism entrepreneurs. We have selected the best of the best. But nothing that comes as a ready package. Rather, each day is individualised to your specific tastes. For an ultimate finale, we can arrange wellness services right in the comfort of your own villa, including hair styling, beauty treatments or massage.

Examples of activities: Downhill skiing • Cross-country skiing • Snowshoeing • Ice diving • Hunting • Fishing • Sled safaris • Dog sled safaris • Golf • Riding • Canoe safaris • Off-road biking

Unforgettable evening

The international level of restaurant offerings is one of Levi’s best-kept secrets. Staff can bring the entire feast to your own villa. Gourmet-level food is served exactly at the time you’d like it. And if you’d like, the chef can come and cook for you in your own kitchen. If you need a butler, bartender or waiters?

Examples of meal and catering services: Catering deliveries: breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snacks • Butler • Waiters • Fully stocked refrigerator and refills 


located in North Finland, above the Arctic Circle, and only a 15-minutes’ drive from the Kittilä airport in the midst of undisturbed nature. Daily flights from Helsinki enable an easy journey from all parts of the world. Seasonal routes operate also from Turku and Tampere in Finland.

Direct flights from other European destinations make access to Levi even faster.

From most Central European major cities, you can reach Levi in less than 5 hours for an utterly unforgettable getaway to rejuvenate your mind and body.

At certain times of the year, direct flights from Paris, Dusseldorf and Moscow take you to Levi even faster.

The closest train station is Kolari, approximately 80 kilometres away. From Rovaniemi, the trip is 170 kilometres.

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